I was ill and on oxygen for 2 1/2 years.  During this time I met a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor who used Nature's Sunshine Herbs to clear my body of toxins. After using these herbs, my Medical Doctor was able to take me off the oxygen; as well as both of my high blood pressure medications.  Because of this, I went back to school and received my Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma so I could help others. 

Nature's Sunshine products are the primary supplements I use.  Their products are of the highest quality and are tested thoroughly.  If you are interested in purchasing quality herbs and supplements, I highly recommend Nature's Sunshine. 

You may join Nature's Sunshine as a distributor or I can order them for you at the same price.  If you choose to join, please contact me as we receive credit, or use my NSP Distributor number 1200404 when ordering directly through the company (www.mynsp.com/kimsharples)  Thanks! (719) 651-4899 or kimberlysharples@gmail.com

I also make some tinctures, so contact me if you are interested in tinctures.

Please contact me with any questions: kimberysharples@gmail.com 

IMPORTANT: The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat a disease.
If you have a serious illness, we recommend you contact a competent health care practitioner before beginning a course of treatment.
I am a distributor but not an employee of Nature's Sunshine.

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